Frohe Weihnachten

an alle&ein schoenes, tolles, neues Jahr.

24.12.06 23:46

If I just lay here
would you lie with me and just forget the world?
I don't quite know
how to say how I feel
those three words are said too much
let's waste time chasing cars around our heads...
ich vermisse dich ♥
23.12.06 23:42

Don't want to think about it
Don't want to talk about it
I'm just so sick about it
Can't believe it's ending this way
Just so confused about it
Feeling the blues about it

Is this the way it's really going down?
Is this how we say goodbye?
Should've known better when you came around
That you were gonna make me cry

'Cause I know that you're living a lie
That's okay baby 'cause in time you will find

what goes around comes all the way back around... 

15.12.06 17:54

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